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Commercial Hot Tubs at Wensum Pools Ltd

Jacuzzi Commercial Hot Tubs are available from Wensum Pools

We have lots of experience in commercial hot tubs. For more information and prices, please call us on 01328 838834.

Professional Immersion

The water level reaches the physical rim of the hot tub so you can be sure of deep immersion in your Jacuzzi© hot tub massage seat.

Professional Massage

The jets included in a Professional hot tub are strategically placed for maximum hydromassage. They are all adjustable and differ in pressure and performance. The stainless steel covers add to the character and the blowers provide a continual champagne effect.

Professional Clean Water

The quartz sand filter provides superior filtration ideal for more frequent use. Filtered water flows back into the tub through the ground drainage point. This creates an underwater fountain effect from the bottom of the hot tub, so particles are collected more effectively and directed back to the filter constantly.

Professional Quiet Time

A professional hot tub is much quieter to run, as the working parts and filtration processes can be positioned far from the hot tub. They can be seperated to the hot tub by up to 6 meters. This allows you to enjoy your hydromassage to fullest.

Professional Recycled Water

A distinctive feature of the professional range is the 15° angled overflow grid around the surface of the hot tub. It collects surface water, which overflows through the grid to a storage tank and filter. The cleaned water is pumped back into the the hot tub and reused.

Professional Colour

Underwater LED spotlights illuminate the hot tub during your massage. Watch the colours change as your body relaxes!

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