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Certikin Geo-Bubble Solar Blanket at Wensum Pools Ltd

The NEW Geo-Bubble design is specifically created to combat attacks from UV and pool chemicals…

Traditional bubble cover materials have always made use of a circular/cylindrical bubble design, but experience has begun to show that this design offers multiple weak points which can be prone to premature failure in the harsh environments of a swimming pool.

The new Geo-Bubble extrusion has specifically been created to combat the attacks of UV and pool chemicals and has converted the limitations of a traditional bubble to great advantages. Sharp corners which were once an area of high stress have been replaced by a smoother, more uniform shape and a thickness of material (50% thicker that standard bubble) which considerably increases the bubbles resistance to attack from the water. On the surface, improved UV additives, stabilisers and antioxidants have added to the covers overall durability and within the bubble a larger cavity offers more room for air expansion. All in all, Geo-Bubble covers offer excellent levels of performance and durability over standard pool covers.

How does the Geo-Bubble technology work?

The NEW Geo-Bubble technology has increased the performance of both the existing range of ‘Guard’ products and Certikin’s exclusive 600 micron blue / silver bubble cover.

Whereas before there was limited room for expansion, Geo-Bubble technology creates a large footprint to withstand air expansion. It also boasts a smooth shape with uniform thickness.

Geo-Bubble 600 Micron Blanket

  • Blue / silver colour
  • Unique GeoBubble design and technology
  • Reflective underside increases heat retention
  • 2060mm panel width
  • 564g per m2
  • 6 Year Pro-Rata Guarantee
  • Sol+Guard // Certikin Geo-Bubble Solar Blanket at Wensum Pools Ltd

Certikin Sol+Guard Geo-Bubble Solar Blanket

  • Highly translucent material (very subtle hint of turquoise)
  • Unique Geo-Bubble design and technology
  • Can increase pool water temperature by up to 8°C
  • 2060mm panel width
  • 460g per m2
  • 6 Year Pro-Rata Guarantee

The highly efficient Sol+Guard offers high performance in solar gain and heat retention. The highly transparent material, with just a hint of turquoise colouring to the bottom layer allows high levels of solar entry into the pool and the 500 micron thickness provides durability, good heat retention and low water loss levels.

  • EnergyGuard // Certikin Geo-Bubble Solar Blanket at Wensum Pools Ltd

Certikin EnergyGuard Geo-Bubble Solar Blanket

  • Unique grey / black colour
  • Ultra tough materials (maximum durability)
  • Opaque colouring inhibits algae growth
  • 2060mm panel width
  • 460g per m
  • 6 Year Pro-Rata Guarantee

EnergyGuard offers is an excellent all round cover. The dark colouring of the material reduces the amount of sunlight that is penetrated into the pool, inhibiting the growth of algae, for safer, cleaner water. The dark colour also absorbs heat from the sun and transfers it directly into the pool water thus reducing energy bills.

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