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Certikin Solar Blankets at Wensum Pools Ltd

More than ever, a solar blanket is a firm necessity when it comes to operating a pool in the UK.

By offering solar gain, heat retention and a water loss barrier, a good quality and well-made bubble cover will provide years of service and save money far beyond its original cost in a very short period of time. Certikin offers a range of solar covers to suit every need, from our exclusive premium quality, premium payback Suncap cover, through to the new and unique Geo-Bubble design which has multiple user benefits, right to the long established industry standard 400 and 500 micron traditional bubble covers.

No matter your choice of Certikin cover, these facts cover the whole range:

  • All covers are manufactured at floor level to ensure the flattest possible finish, but some reversion at the welded seam can be visible.
  • All covers sized up to 12m x 6m are delivered in a storage bag and come complete with a complimentary basic solar protection sheet.
  • If connecting your cover to a reel system, we recommended an Aquablade towing system to safely dispense the cover onto the pool.
  • Covers which require shaping can be shaped in the factory at a charge or can be trimmed on site with household scissors. For shaped covers which require hemming a template or thorough dimensions should be supplied at point of order.
  • Blankets are invoiced in metric at their actual square metre finished size.
  • Imperial measurements are rounded up to the nearest 1 inch on length and width.
  • Failure to use the supplied, or similar, solar protection sheet, failure to maintain water quality to SPATA standards or the running of pool water temperatures in excess of 30°C may result in the cover warranty being void.
  • All trims and roll ends of bubble materials which cannot be used in manufacture or samples are recycled. They do NOT go to land-fills.

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