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Roldeck Automatic Pool Cover

The Roldeck automatic pool cover is suitable for commercial and domestic pools, indoor or outdoor. They are the ultimate in heat insulation, durability evaporation control and aesthetic appearance.

The Roldeck cover is manufactured in interlocking sections similar to a venetian blind. Each section simulates the double glazing system, with 0.5 inches of interspace combining the highest degree of insulation with evaporation control.

The standard white sections are popular for indoor pools. On outdoor pools the optional solar sections, with black bases promote high solar heat transfer.

A distinct advantage of Roldeck is that the rain water will pass through the cover, and will not collect on top requiring removal by pump. The roller is powered by a 24 volt motor, with remote operation from a lockable key switch. All covers are individually manufactured specifically for your pool requirements.

Roldeck Features

  • Reduces evaporation and heat loss
  • Enhances the safety of your pool (safety lock available)
  • Minimises pool debris
  • Concealed stainless motor driven spindle
  • PVC slat structure
  • Made to measure
  • Optional in-roller motor unit
  • Option for super strong HQ Polycarbonate slats in solar or crystal clear (which can be used on outdoor pool too)

Proflex Slats

Starline now offer a new solid foam filled slat in addition to the traditional PVC and HQ Polycarbonate range called ProFlex.

Proflex Features

  • Available in white, blue, grey and cream.
  • Exceptionally high insulation value with a u-value of 0.186W (m/k), so heat loss is minimised
  • Perfect finish on pools without the need for end caps
  • Tailor made at the factory, but can also be modified on site with a jigsaw to create a perfect finish around curves and shaping
  • Maintenance friendly and very easy to keep clean because almost no dirt or algae can adhere to them

Roldeck Easy Cover (Solar Powered)

The Starline Roldeck EasyCover is an above ground pool cover system equipped with a solar panel to gain from free and eco-friendly solar power. Because of this independent solar power source, no additional power cables are required. This allows the Roldeck EasyCover to be installed effortlessly for both new and existing pools.

The EasyCover has a programming function, meaning the end positions of the cover can be programmed and will run with one touch on the waterproof controls on the side console.

The Roldeck EasyCover has great battery capacity and will therefore run 20x the full programme without any solar energy charging (based on a slatted cover of 10m x 5m). Should the battery run empty, the EasyCover has an integrated connection for the battery charger on the side console.

Roldeck Easy Cover (Solar Powered) Features

  • Powered by solar energy – no need for extra cables
  • Suitable for new and existing pools and very easy to install
  • Equipped with a programme function – programme the unit once and it runs with just one touch of a button
  • Includes a key switch to safely disable any unwanted operation
  • Large battery capacity
  • Charging option on the console

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