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Thermalux Heat Retention Covers at Wensum Pools Ltd

Thermalux Heat Retention Covers by Certikin

Thermalux foam heat retention covers are manufactured from a closed-cell PE foam. Its 6mm Thermalux is suited for all heat retention purposes on pools up to 30°C and benefits from a laminated underside and strong woven polyethylene top coat, making it extremely hard wearing. The density of the material helps to keep light penetration to a minimum and therefore reduces algae growth.

Of course, the main purpose of a heat retention cover is to limit heat loss. A good fitting and correctly used 6mm foam cover will eliminate heat loss by 85-90%, significantly reducing running costs and offering a very quick payback period (differs from site to site).

This Thermalux-lite cover offers excellent performance at a more economical price. The lightweight foam reduces evaporation by 80-85% and makes operation easier. It benefits from the protective laminations and woven surfaces of the 6mm foam and comes in a blue design.

Due to the nature of these materials and the manufacturing process, some creasing of the top coat can be present (especially on hemmed covers) and the cover may not lie perfectly flat – covers are rolled, not folded, for dispatch in order to eliminate these where possible.

Unless requested, all 5mm and 6mm foam covers are made approximately 30mm narrower than pool width to allow ease of movement on and off the pool. Covers over 10.5m in length will be seamed across the width of the cover. Covers at or over 100m² cannot be hemmed.

Spa / Hydrotherapy Foam

A dense 12mm foam which is ideal for spas and small hydrotherapy pools with running temperatures of up to 40°C. Double layered blue textured foam with a clear foil laminate to the top and bottom surfaces. Foam can be made into jumbo rolls (50m x 3m) for multiple cover cut outs. Panel width 1500mm. 1 year warranty. The Thermalux 12mm foam is not suitable for roller systems and cannot be hemmed.

Thermalux 6mm Foam (Blue / Blue)

  • Tough woven surface and laminated underside
  • Hemming optional (at extra cost)
  • 350g / m² – panel width 1500mm
  • R-value 0.16 / U-value 6.25

Thermalux-lite 5mm Foam (Grey / Blue)

  • Lightweight laminated grey foam with tough woven surface
  • Hemming optional (at extra cost)
  • 315g / m² – panel width 1500mm
  • R-value 0.15 / U-value 6.7

Thermalux 12mm Foam

  • Double thickness foam with lamination to both sides
  • For use on pools / spas up to 40OC
  • Panel width 1500mm
  • R-value 0.32 / U-value 3

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