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Building an in-ground swimming pool in your garden has never been easier with panel pools! These DIY swimming pools can be created to almost any shape or size and are delivered in sections in a box. Everything is included and the system is quick and easy to install if you have a reasonable level of manual dexterity. Many people opt to have their local SPATA dealer carry out their panel pool installation; however, please contact Wensum Pools on 01328 838834 for further details.

Introducing Heatform® Insulated Panel Pools

The easy way to build a high-quality, in-ground pool in your garden whilst also helping the planet!

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Liner pools have been around for over 50 years and the main build technology has not changed since.

Building a concrete ‘pool-basin’, rendering it and installing a liner takes a lot of time and energy. However, the HeatForm fibreglass panel system simplifies this construction process. A 10m x 5m wall section can go up in a single day, and in any weather conditions!

HeatForm has transformed the swimming pool construction process. The added value of insulation keeps those expensive heating bills to a minimum, whilst also helping to reduce the amount of energy required to keep your pool at a comfortable temperature.

Not only does it reduce the amount of energy being wasted through heat loss, but it also helps the environment by using empty plastic (PET) bottles to form the insulated section of the pool wall. Made of 100% post-consumer (recycled) PET material, the green foam core meets not only stringent technical requirements for composites, but also helps to preserve and enhance the human environment.

Heatform have been shortlisted for the UK Pool & Spa Awards Product of the Year 2019!

HeatForm pool panels are available for use in-ground, above-ground (with external recycled cladding), and as exercise pools (with a Binder HydroStar Counter current). A HeatForm insulated pool can save up to 50% of heating costs compared with a standard concrete pool by utilising 100% recycled PET plastic bottles. There are 768 bottles in a standard 2.5m panel.

The pools can be configured to various heights: 0.9m, 1.2m, 1.5m and there are no limitations to the pool width or length.

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