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Zodiac Pool Cleaner — RV 5600 | Wensum Pools Ltd

Ultra-powerful, constant cyclone suction

The first robotic pool cleaners with cyclone suction. The high-power vortex inside the filter holds debris in suspension to reduce filter blockages and maintain cleaning performance.

All-terrain robotic pool cleaner

The RV 5600 robot’s 4-wheel drive gives it perfect grip on the pool walls and helps it adapt to any type of coating and easily move around obstacles.

Lighter to remove from the water

Removing your pool cleaning robot from the pool has never been easier, thanks to the patented Lift System technology. A powerful waterjet is activated on the back of the robot when removing it from the water, making it lighter to lift.

High suction capacity

Its (very high capacity) 5-litre filter and its extra-wide suction inlet mean it can suck up and contain all kinds of debris for maximum ease of use.

Anti-tangle device

The Vortex (4WD range) pool cleaner cable is fitted with a Swivel device that limits cable tangling when the cleaner is moving around the pool. This pivot turns on itself, thus preventing loops from forming in the cable. This helps the cleaner to clean the surface of the pool more effectively and the cable is stored easily at the end of the cycle.

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