AquaChek TruTest Spa Digital Test Kit Chlorine


Trutest Digital Test Strip Reader + 25 test strips – No Guesswork!!



Aquachek Trutest Digital Test Strip Reader + 25 test strips – No Guesswork!!

Results in seconds!! The AquaChek TruTest digital test strip reader allows for more accurate results than standard colour matching test strips when testing your spa/pool water.

Now there’s no guess work required to interpret colour results, just dip a test strip in your swimming pool or, insert test strip in reader and get fast, accurate digital results in seconds. This special bonus package includes:

The Aquachek TruTest Digital test strip reader 25 Pack of TruTest Strips Pool Treatment Information User Guide The Reader tests for: Chlorine / Bromine Level PH Level Alkalinity Level Features: Numerical test results for chlorine/bromine pH and alkalinity – low, ok or high indicators for each Memory function – stores last 9 test results Power source: 2AA alkaline batteries (not included).


  • Stop the guess work, accurate results in seconds
  • No more colour matching, the TruTest machine produces a digital reading
  • 25 free test strips
  • Uses 2 AA batteries (not included)

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