Aquasparkle Spa Bromine Infused Granules (5kg)


Fast Dissolving and Easy to Use Granules.



Aquasparkle Stabilised Bromine Infused Granules produce free active bromine to kill bacteria and other harmful organisms in your spa or pool water. These rapidly dissolving granules can be used as part of your daily maintenance routine and have minimal impact on pH and will help control algae.

Bromine Granules from Wensum Pools Ltd are rapid dissolving granules for easy cost effective bromination. This is the most popular sanitiser for outdoor pools and hot tubs. Hot tubs and pools should never be used without proper chlorination.


  • Fast Dissolving and Easy to Use Granules.
  • Highly effective sanitisation and Algae Control.
  • Relatively PH neutral, so virtually no effective on water PH levels.

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