Bayrol Chlorilong ULTIMATE 7 Bloc


Complete care for swimming pools of up to 50m3 that use sand filters.

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Formerly known as Bayrol Multilong

Bayrol Chlorilong ULTIMATE 7 Bloc (Formerly known as Bayrol Multilong) complete care for swimming pools of up to 50m3 that use sand filters. Five functions in one package: Continuous disinfection with slow dissolving chlorine, algae prevention (foam-free), and turbidity removal flocculation agent. One cartridge treats pools between 20 m3 – 50 m3. Pack contains 4 cartridges for up to 2 months of pool care.

Do you have an outdoor pool which is always going green then why not try Chlorilong? Chlorilong is a chlorine based sanitiser which contains a quick dissolving chlorine tablet, for shock dosing, a long lasting chlorine tablet for maintaining a chlorine residual, an algicide to inhibit algae growth and a floculant tablet to help keep your swimming pool sparkling clear and clean. Always read the instructions on the pack and never directly mix chemicals.


Complete care for swimming pools. Makes pool water more inviting. Long term disinfection with smart guard. Gentle on liners and equipment. Helps prevent algea growth. Continues flocculation which restores water sparkle and improves filter efficiency.


  • Open the dosing slits of the cartridge by turning the ring.
  • Place the Chlorilong as upright as possible into the skimmer while the circulating pump is running. Allow the pump to run for at least 4 hours.
  • Under ideal conditions, the cartridge itself – though at least the part containing the dosage slits – should be completely underwater.
  • Adjust the dosage slits in such a way that the chlorine content of the pool water is 0.3-1.0 mg/L at all times.
  • Under normal circumstatnces 1 Chlorilong cartridge is sufficient for treating up to 50m3 of pool water for a period of two weeks. For bigger pools add more cartridges.

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