Goldifloc Filter Aid Tablets


18 individually wrapped tablets to aid to clarity of pool water.



Goldifloc Filter Aid Tablets 18 x 60g tablets, an aid to clarity of pool water.

Dissolving slowly, Goldifloc tablets release a coagulant to help filter sand and hold back the small particles which cause cloudiness.

Sparkling water results from removal of calcium carbonate particles, fragments of dead algae and other fine particulate matter which can often prove difficult for the average sand filter to remove.

Product Application:

  • One tablet per 45 cubic metres (10,000 gal) of pool water.
  • Adjust the pH to around 7.5 and backwash filter thoroughly.
  • Add Goldifloc filter tablets to the surface skimmer basket or for better results put into the strainer pump basket.
  • The filter should run continuously for at least 48hrs and only back washed if the pressure rises to the level recommended for back washing.

Please note: Goldifloc filter aid tablets are not recommended for use in pools fitted with diatomaceous earth or cartridge type filters.

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