pH Minus (1.5kg)


Acid for decreasing the pH of your water.



pH Minus (1.5kg) from Wensum Pools Ltd is used for decreasing the pH of your swimming pool or spa water.

The product should be added to your pool or spa water if your test kit result indicates that the pH is high.

All chlorine based sanitisers become less effective at killing bacteria and viruses as the pH rises (becomes more alkaline). Acid/Alkaline conditions are measured on the pH scale which ranges from 0 – 14. Ideal bathing conditions exist at a slightly alkaline level of 7.2 to 7.6 with Total Alkalinity of 80/140 mg/l (ppm).

pH Minus is used to reduce the pH level of your Hot Tub, Spa or Swimming Pool water when it goes above 7.6, it can also reduce Total Alkalinity of your hot tub, spa or swimming pool water.

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