Blu Line Pool&Spa VAC


Simple to use and lightweight pool & spa VAC

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This handy Blu Line Pool&Spa VAC is a simple lightweight easy to use solution to clean up bits of grit from hard to reach places like corners of your swimming pool, hot tub or Spa but can be also used as a skimmer / net to get debris and leaves from the surface of the water. This device is easy to put together and is operated manually, it uses no electricity and does not need to be connected to a hose. It creates suction by the manual extending of the pump handle whilst it is in water, it will only make suction when submersed. If you have a deep pool you would need to maybe get into the water to reach the bottom. It comes with a slide on brush, wide end nozzle, dual end nozzle, and a skimmer net. This device can also be used for other water features like ponds.

Box Contains: 1 x Swimming Pool&Spa VAC.

Package Dimensions: 31.9 x 6.5 x 4.0 inches


  • Simple to use and lightweight
  • Does not use electricity, no batteries, no plugging in
  • Comes with different nozzles, brush, net
  • Works when in water by suction caused by pulling out the handle
  • Perfect for cleaning out grit and debris from the bottom of pools and hot tubs.

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