Tylö Indoor Saunas at Wensum Pools Ltd

Tylö Sauna Rooms three different ways

The different ranges of sauna rooms are available as modular, ready made or customized. A modular sauna is the easy solution where pretty much everything but the assembly is done and ready to go. If you go for a ready made sauna you choose from a variety of handsome designs, all available in a number of different floor plans. As the name implies, the custom saunas are completely made to your specifications.


Prefabricated saunas from Tylö are bundled with smart solutions for fast and easy assembly. You can build it yourself, customize and adapt to your personal taste. The foundation is always there, shaped by our extensive knowledge. Craftsmanship, solid materials and attention to detail stand at the core of this convenient sauna solution for modern homes and lifestyles.


Ready-made saunas from Tylö are bundled with smart solutions for fast and easy assembly. Carefully designed, the different ranges are filled with our passion for quality and craftsmanship, demonstrated in the visual impact of the sauna and not least in the way it feel to use. With different floor plans and layouts it is easy to find a suitable solution to cater to you personal sauna preferences.


As a home spa or a commercial facility, the Panacea Twin is the perfect solution with its sleek lines and many choices for personalisation. Just the fact that you get both a sauna and a steam room in one frame gives the perfect look.


At our Wensum Pools Ltd award winning showroom in Swaffham, we have a glass front Harmony sauna on display.

If you would like to book a visit, or need some more information on our range of Tylö saunas or steam showers then please give us a ring on 01328 838834.

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