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Swimming Pool Servicing by Wensum Pools Ltd

Wensum Pools build pools to be as easy to operate and maintain as possible.

Therefore, we offer a service to relieve pool owners of routine maintenance and cleaning. All electrical work is carried out to NIC Part P standards. Boilers, filters and heaters can be maintained and checked for safety. Periodic pressure washing and regrouting maintains the overall look of a pool. We also offer a valet service where pools are hoovered and routine maintenance performed weekly.

Summer Maintenance

Wensum Pools Ltd offer a complete valet service on swimming pools where we can come on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. We will undertake the following the works to be carried out on your swimming pool:

  • Hoover pool manually each visit
  • Backwash pool
  • Clean tile line and steps
  • Empty basket
  • Test chlorine, pH and Total Alkalinity (TA) levels
  • Clean pool cover
  • Adjust chemicals if need
  • Clean auto doser, injectors, etc.*

  • *Only when applicable

Winter Maintenance

Our winter service ensures that, once summer is over, your pool stays protected against the elements. Systems are drained, cleaned and treated using special chemicals to eliminate frost damage and easily bring the pool back to life. Our service packages vary and include:

  • Weekly, fortnightly and monthly valeting services
  • Complete winter maintenance (Sept – April)
  • Filter media changes
  • Emergency call outs
  • Leak protection
  • Plant and boiler servicing
  • Auto dosing servicing
  • Heat pump and de-humidifier servicing
  • Pressure washing paving, coping and covers
  • Chemical deliveries
  • Water testing

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